Anne Hollman Medal

The Anne Hollman Medal is an annual prize awarded to a trainee for an abstract presentation at the SRS Autumn Meeting. The most recent trainee presentations were in Glasgow on 17th November 2023.

Abstract submission

  • within 250 words
  • scientific, audit or QI based
  • all abstracts need to be structured under the following headings:
    • Background
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
  • submission (when available) is via a link on the Autumn meeting page

Anne Hollman Biography

Dr Anne Hollman graduated from Bristol University in 1979. She moved up to Glasgow with her husband, Professor Gordon Dutton, in 1982. She was a Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, with a special interest in ultrasound, and was the SRS Secretary from 1995-98.

Dr Hollman published widely and won the Jacques Lefèbvre award at the European Society for Paediatric Radiology in 1992 (for the best research presentation from a young radiologist). She and was recognised nationally and internationally as a superb teacher was the Regional Postgraduate Education Advisor for the Royal College of Radiologists, ensuring the best for trainees. She also chaired the organising committee for the 31st BMUS annual meeting in 1999.

Despite her busy schedule, she found time to care for her adored family, friends and colleagues. Staff came to her with their troubles and she was also a committed member of her church. A school in Guatemala bears a permanent memorial in remembrance of the support and donations generated by Dr Hollman and her church.

Dr Hollman died in 1999 of small cell lung cancer aged 42. The Anne Hollman Medal was donated by Prof Dutton in her memory to encourage academic pursuits amongst young radiologists in Scotland. The prize is awarded annually at the SRS Autumn meeting for the best oral presentation by a radiology registrar.

Previous winners

  • 2023 (Glasgow): “Antibiotic prophylaxis for MCUG: A National Multidisciplinary Survey” by Kate Thomas, Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, Edinburgh.
  • 2022 (Edinburgh): “Percutaneous nephrostomy and ureteric stenting in malignant ureteric obstruction. Is it justified?” by Oliver Llewellyn, James Blackmur, Alex Laird on Behalf of the Scottish MUO Collaborative.
  • 2021 (Dundee): “Assessing the role of simple CT measurement techniques in quantifying total pneumothorax volume” by Abinaya Ezhil, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.
  • 2020 (Aberdeen / Virtual Meeting): None awarded due to COVID.
  • 2019 (Glasgow): “Uterine Artery Embolisation for Women with Giant versus Non-giant Uterine Fibroids; a Systematic Review & Meta-analysis” by Dr Oliver Llewellyn, Dr Neeral Patel, Prof Mohammad Hamady; Western General Hospital, Edinburgh/Imperial College, London. Anne Hollman 2019 Shortlist
  • 2018 (Edinburgh): “The utility of F18-Choline PET/CT for the localisation of parathyroid adenomata in patients with Primary Hyperparathryoidism (PHP) with negative or equivocal conventional imaging” by Dr Rishi Ramaesh, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Anne Hollman Medal Abstracts 2018
  • 2017 (Aberdeen): “Development of novel computed tomography and genetic diagnostic criteria for lobar intracerebral haemorrhage associated with cerebral amyloid angiopathy” by Mark Rodrigues, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Anne Hollman Medal Abstracts 2017
  • 2016 (Dundee): “Teaching from every angle: Imaging education using online case based teaching and 3D technologies” by Derek AJ Smith, Jeremy Jones, University of Edinburgh. Anne Hollman Medal Abstracts 2016
  • 2015 (Glasgow): No specific award details provided.
  • 2014 (Edinburgh): “Prevalence, types, follow up and final diagnosis of incidental findings on body magnetic resonance imaging: A systematic review” by Lorna M Gibson, Laura Paul, Mark Jones, Cathie LM Sudlow, NHS Lothian/University of Edinburgh. Anne Hollman Medal Abstracts 2014
  • 2013 (Aberdeen): “Radiation dose reduction in computed tomography myocardial perfusion with diagnostic accuracy compared to fractional flow reserve and invasive coronary angiography” by Williams MC, Dweck MR, Misadraee S, Golay SK, Weir N, van Beek E, Reid J, McKillop G, Uren N, Newby DE. Anne Hollman Medal Abstracts 2013
  • 2012 (Dundee): “Can the ring sign improve the performance of shearwave elastography in benign/malignant differentiation of screen detected solid breast masses?” by Szewczyk-Bieda M, Vinnicombe S, Whelehan P, Thomson K, Evans A. “Learning from mistakes: developing ‘review’ areas for abdominal imaging” by Weir-McCall J, Duncan G, Yeap PM, Budak MJ, Zealley I, Oliver TB.
Prof Gordon Dutton and the 2019 Anne Hollman Award recipient, Dr Oliver Llewellyn