Previous Members

The heritage of radiology in Scotland is long, with many aspects and achievements celebrated at our meetings.

This is also reflected in the membership of the SRS. While some names have been recognised in our eponymous lectures and awards, there is a wider body of radiologists who have spent time in Scotland and have contributed to the history of imaging and to the training of current and future radiologists. If you would like to share your memories of any radiologists who have passed, please contact us by email.

Through family bequests and support from outside bodies, some of the great names of Scottish Radiology are regularly celebrated at our meetings. These include:

  • John McGibbon, a Glasgow and Edinburgh radiologist pioneering cardiac imaging, who since the 1960s has been recognised with the annual invited lecture at our Autumn meetings.
  • Allan Reid, a Glasgow radiologist and former lead clinician, who has the annual travelling and interventional lecture (est. 2017) at our Spring meetings named after him.
  • Anne Hollman, an award winning Glasgow paediatric radiologist, whose family have continued to support the best trainee presentation at our Autumn meetings.
  • William A Copland,  an Aberdeen graduate and Edinburgh radiologist and former SRS President, whose family support an award for the regional trainer of the year, a new award established in 2020 selected by the trainees in each rotated site of the Autumn meetings.
  • Paul Allan, an Edinburgh radiologist, clinical lead and authority on clinical ultrasound, with ongoing support for trainees attending the ECR in Vienna each year.